Feb 2, 2016

Major Update to mmogosu!

Hi Gamers!

We did a complete revamp and redesign of the entire website to include most of the functions you have been asking for.

We are constantly making updates and adding new features. We'll make announcements as we do.

Our next priority will be to add a feedback section.

For now be sure to check out the following pages:

  • Monsters - Lets you browse through all of the monsters in a quick and intuitive UI.
  • Teams - Just like before, take a look at some builds contributed by the community.
  • Wishes - Allows you to track your wishes, and see stats for the community.
  • Summons - Allows you to track your summons, and see stats for the community.
  • Media - View streams, recent videos and other community created content
  • Tools - Tools to help you progress through the game

If you have any comments, find bugs/mistakes, feedback or ideas please contact us via reddit at /u/mmogosu.

Thank you for all your support!

Happy Gaming!