Feb 2, 2016

Developer's Sneak Peak

Today we would like to talk about the World Boss damage calculation modifications coming next update, and the Ellia related content which we plan to add at the end of March.

▶ World Boss Modifications 

We’ve been closely monitoring the user gameplay ever since the World Boss has been introduced to the game. 
After some time of gathering data, we felt the need to improve some aspects of the game and so will apply the following modifications. 

  • The damage calculation for the World Boss Battle will be modified to be more balanced for each Monster Type. 
    • We believe that Attack type Monsters are getting more credit than other Monster types even though the Monsters would be in a similar growth level. 
    • We plan to modify the overall damage calculation so that it considers the complex and various aspects of the World Boss Battle. We don’t want to approach this with a simple increase/decrease Attack Power method. 
  • The Monster Skill Power-up status will be given slightly more weighted value than before. 
    • This modification is to allow Monsters with higher Skill Power-up status to contribute more to the team’s Attack Power.
  • Attribute Relations will have more weighted value in the World Boss Battle.
    • Pan’Ghor is a primal giant that has the Attribute of Fire and Water and currently Water Attribute Monsters have the highest Attribute advantage. But we believe that the influence Attribute advantage has in the World Boss Battle is currently a bit lackluster, and would like to increase its weighted value in the calculation. Don’t worry about the reign of Water Attribute Monsters! The change will also be applied to other Attribute World Bosses in the near future! 

Our goal is to find the right balance so that different types of Monsters and the way you strengthen them will all be credited fairly. 

Honestly, it isn’t easy to come up with a way to fairly calculate how a Monster would be strengthened. But we will keep looking for better ways to make the game more exciting. 

▶ New “Ellia” Related Content

  • We plan to make Ellia become your personal assistant in the game.
  • This is currently under development, but we are trying to make the Ellia you’ve acquired through previous events to do more than what she currently does. 
  • First off, when this new content arrives, Ellia will be there to welcome you in her standard outfit when you log in to the day.
  • Those that have acquired the “Santa Ellia” via previous events will be greeted by Santa Ellia. (A Santa Costume will be added and equipped automatically.)
  • The new Ellia will be serving as a personal assistant that takes care of your in-game schedules, such as events. Ellia will organize and show you the schedule of important in-game events when you tap her while you’re in the Sky Arena. Here’s how it will look! 

[Please note that this is still under development and the image may change when it is actually added to the game.] 

  • Like the screenshot above, Ellia will be informing you about the in-game events and schedules. 
  • Ellia will make it easier for you to decide what to do when you log in to the game. She will be your personal assistant that helps your journey and make it more exciting!
  • Also, we’re planning various costumes for the new Ellia content! 

We’re planning to make these costumes acquirable through various methods so please stay tuned. 

We are excited to present to you the various versions of Ellia, but first let's take a look at her standard outfit.