Feb 2, 2016

v2.0.5 Update Details

▶ New Transmogrifications Added

A total of 5 new Transmogrifications have been added to the game.

  • [Dazzling Priestess Nine-tailed Fox / Celestial Fairy Sylphid / Yaksha Warrior Ninja / Street Dancer Pierret / Moonlight Mystic Witch]

▶ World Boss Modifications

  • The damage calculation mechanics for the World Boss Battle have been modified to better suit the balance among different Monster Types.
  • The weighted values of Skill Power-ups and Attribution Relations have been increased.

[Please check the Developer's Note]

▶ In-game UI Improvements

  • The entrance icon for the 100th floor of the Trial of Ascension has been changed.
  • When first installing the game, a HIVE log-in icon will be displayed on the upper right side of the title screen.
  • The frame drop issue that occurs at the Transmogrification Building or the Monster Storage has been improved.
  • The text "Summon Successful!" will pop up when a natural 4★ Monster is summoned from the Exclusive Summoning.

▶ Skill Error Fix

  • The error regarding Dragon Knight (Dark)'s passive skill "Eye for an Eye" has been fixed.

▶ The Skill description of some Monsters have been revised.

Revised Skill Descriptions
Monkey King Light Giant Net Attacks all enemies with a giant net and puts them to sleep for 1 turn and decreases the Attack Speed for 2 turns with a 75% chance with each attack. The damage of this skills will increase according to your MAX HP.