Feb 2, 2016

Event Details

Happy Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day!

Event 1. Power-up Chocolate Event!

Feb. 5th 12am – Feb. 18th 7am PST

  • Power-up Chocolates will drop during the event! Use them to increase your success rates for Rune Power-ups!
  • Get rewards according to the number of Chocolates you’ve collected!
  • Get 20 Energy for the first Chocolate you’ve collected every day! 

[Check Event Details]

Event 2. Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devilmon Dungeons

Feb 12th 12am – Feb. 15th 12am PST

  • The Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devilmon Dungeons will be opened during the event!
  • It’s only around for 3 days, so don’t miss out!
Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devilmon Dungeon Schedule
Feb 12 8am - 9am (1h) Water Angelmon
Feb 12 1pm - 2pm (1h) Fire Angelmon
Feb 12 11p, - 12am (1h) Wind Angelmon
Feb 13 12am - Feb 14 12am (24h) Rainbowmon Dungeon (1 time only)
Feb 13 8am - 9am (1h) Fire Angelmon
Feb 13 1pm - 2pm (1h) Wind Angelmon
Feb 13 11p, - 12am (1h) Water Angelmon
Feb 14 12am - Feb 14 12am (24h) Devilmon Dungeon (1 time only)
Feb 14 8am - 9am (1h) Wind Angelmon
Feb 14 1pm - 2pm (1h) Water Angelmon
Feb 14 11p, - 12am (1h) Fire Angelmon

You may only clear the Rainbowmon & Devilmon Dungeons once each. 

The dungeons will be locked when cleared.

Event 3. Doubled EXP & Mana Stones!

Feb. 5th 8am – Feb. 11th 9pm PST

  • Play during designated times to get doubled EXP and Mana Stones!
  • Please check the following for the time schedule!
    • 8am – 9am (1H)/ 8pm – 9pm (1H) 2x EXP
    • 12pm - 1pm (1H)/ 12am – 1am (1H) 2x Mana Stones

Get doubled EXP and Mana Stones!

  • The doubled EXP and Mana Stones will not be affected by boosters.
  • The boosters in effect will not wear off during the Burning Time.

Event 4. 2 Wishes a Day!

Feb. 8th 12am – Feb. 15th 12am PST 

  • Make 2 Wishes per day during the Event!
  • May your wishes come true!

Event 5. Free Energy Gifts!

Feb 12th 8am – Feb 18th 9pm PST

  • Log in during the event times to get free Energy!
  • Free Energy will be given 3 times a day!
    • 1st) 8am – 9am 
    • 2nd) 12pm – 1pm
    • 3rd) 8pm – 9pm

Based on the server time.